NavNet develops the most intuitive and innovative home automation solutions in the world. NavNet’s home automation solution offers “out of the box” functionality allowing homeowners full control over music, movies, lighting, security, HVAC, etc. from anywhere in the world.

NavNet sets itself apart through ease of installation, graphically rich interfaces and an overall installer and customer experience that makes our solutions fun and easy-to-use. We’ve worked hard to create solutions that fit seamlessly into any home environment and leverage open source technologies.

A NavNet system ensures that a NavNet automated home has a beautifully designed, sleek software interface that is easy-to-use right from the start.


"When I was looking for a home automation system, I wanted one that could do it ALL. NavNet was the only system I found that appeared to have no limits. Not only can I control music, movies and lights, but I also have complete control over my irrigation system and my security system. And I control everything from one of my 15” touchpanels or my iPhone."
– Bradley Grosh

"I was looking for a system that would make me feel safe and secure at home. NavNet did just that. It gives me the ability to view who is at my door on a screen without anybody knowing whether I’m at home or not. I also love the fact that I can control my porch lights from anywhere in the house. If I forget to turn off the lights at night, I don’t have to leave my bedroom to run them off."
– Sonia Kapil